Lenore Grenoble


Lenore Grenoble is John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Linguistics. She specializes in Slavic and Arctic Indigenous languages, and is currently conducting fieldwork on Evenki (Tungusic) in Siberia, Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic, Inuit) in Greenland, and Wolof (Niger-Congo) in Senegal. Her research focuses on the study of contact linguistics and language shift, discourse and conversation analysis, deixis, and issues in the study of language endangerment, attrition, and revitalization. She is the co-author of Saving Languages: An Introduction to Language Revitalization (Cambridge University Press, 2006), and co-editor of numerous edited volumes including Language Typology and Historical Contingency (John Bengamins Press, 2013) and Language Documentation: Practices and Values (John Bengamins Press, 2010).